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More Than A Sleep Aid—Why Lavender Essential Oil Belongs In Everyone’s Arsenal

From calming inflamed skin to disinfecting your countertops, there's not a task lavender can't handle.

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Stay Well This Cold & Flu Season With These 5 Detoxifying Wellness Teas

Ward off sickness this winter with the help of these delicious immunity boosting herbal teas.

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The Essential Oil That Might Make Your Workout More Effective

Amp up your workouts with this simple, natural method that's scientifically proven to enhance performance.

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Keep Track Of Your Progress With This Gorgeous Wellness Journal

Enhance your glow from the inside out by "eating pretty" and keeping track of your diet with this guided wellness journal.

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The New Superfood Drink Is an Antioxidant Powerhouse

Bursting with over 24 antioxidants, cactus water made with prickly pear extract is one superfood drink you don't want to miss!

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Should You Be Drinking Activated Charcoal for Beauty?

Activated charcoal drinks are a dime a dozen on your Instagram feed--but are they really that healthy to consume?

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