Sep 11

PLANT Apothecary Body Wash: Your New Holy Grail Soap

On 11.09.2017 in Skincare

By Mary Hood

PLANT Apothecary Body Wash: Your New Holy Grail Soap

Lathering up on the daily can seem so mundane—that is until you’ve discovered your holy grail body wash. Of course, most of us want a soap that does a good job of washing away impurities without harsh surfactants (like sulfates), and luckily, there’s no short supply of effective, natural washes on the market these days. 

But there’s something else we all seek in a body wash—a soap that delivers an experience! Sure, suds are great, but an aromatherapeutic bouquet that transports our senses is what it’s really all about. I love PLANT Apothecary Organic Body Wash because these natural soaps are free of parabens, SLS, petroleum, and silicones. However, the best part is that the body washes are laced with essential oils that stimulate your senses while boosting your wellness.

There’s a PLANT body wash for all of your needs: BE WELL combines rosemary, bergamot, and eucalyptus to support your immune system. WAKE UP features a blend of rosemary and lemongrass to revive your spirits. GET IT ON includes sandalwood, ginger, and cedar to provide an enticing shower experience. CALM DOWN delivers a blend of ginger and lavender to soothe your soul. And finally, GET HAPPY is enriched with geranium and peppermint, two mood-boosting essential oils that will put a smile on your face. 

Based in Brooklyn, PLANT works in partnership with a non-profit workshop for adults with mental and physical disabilities, and their lovely products are created with the help of these individuals.  


Photo: PLANT Apothecary via Instagram 

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