Jan 12

Budget Beauty: DIY Customizable Sheet Mask

On 12.01.2018 in Featured, Skincare

By Mary Hood

Try This Phenomenal DIY Sheet Mask— Thank Us Later!

Sheet masks—despite feeling gooey and cold against our faces, there nothing quite as soothing for skin than one of these now-trendy skin care indulgences. Generally, a sheet mask is saturated with hydrating, inflammation-reducing ingredients. You wear it for a at least 15 minutes, remove it, and massage the rest of the ingredients into your skin. They’re a great way to prep your skin for an evening out—or restore your skin after a long night. 

The best sheet masks are sold individually or in small bundles, meaning the cost of our sheet mask habit can really add up. But fear not, there is a way to get around this challenge—it just requires a little creativity.

You can easily create your own sheet mask, using plain, untreated cotton sheet masks or a reusable silicone sheet mask. After washing your face, gently pat almost dry (leaving a little dampness is key). Then, put your sheet mask on a plate and drench it in your favorite facial serum or any combination of the following: raw honey, rose water, green tea, aloe vera, glycerin, cucumber juice, or watermelon juice. If you’re battling acne, you may also consider adding a drop or two of tea tree oil. 

Once you’ve gotten your mask ready, carefully lay it over your face, gently pressing the mask to help it stick to your skin. Relax for a least 15 minutes, and when you’re ready, remove the mask and massage the ingredients into your skin. Rinse away excesses product if needed, and lock in moisture with an oil-based face cream (like this one by Ursa Major).

Now go enjoy your glow!


Photo: Foreo

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