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What to Sip Next: Vitamin-Rich Purple Taro Lattes

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By Mary Hood

What to Sip Next: Vitamin-Rich Taro Lattes

With Starbucks’ release of a turmeric latte, it’s fair to say that wellness lattes are becoming mainstream. Whether you love matcha lattes or enjoy adventurous unicorn lattes, there’s hopefully room in your heart for one more frothy beverage—taro lattes.

Taro is the underground tuber section of the Araceae plant. Araceae is native to southern Asia but is currently cultivated all over the world. Taro can be pink, white, or purple and has a sweet, nutty flavor. The tuber is a source of potassium, vitamin B-6, and magnesium. It’s also low-glycemic, meaning that it won’t spike your blood sugar the way its cousin, the potato, will.

Taro lattes can be made a few different ways. For convenience (and beautiful color pay-off), you can mix a spoonful of taro powder with a cup of steamed milk. Alternatively, you can blend mashed, cooked taro with steamed milk for a deliciously creamy texture. Taro is naturally sweet, so sweetener may not be necessary, but you can always sweeten to taste with a little unrefined sweetener like raw honey or opt for sugar-free liquid stevia. 

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Have you ever tried a taro latte? What’s your favorite trendy wellness drink? 


Photo: dancezone_adelaide via Instagram

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