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Eliza's Eyes


Romania-native Eliza Petrescu is the original eyebrow expert and a minor celebrity in her own right, having perfected "the art of the brow" after many years at John Barrett and Frederic Fekkai. She went on to partner with Avon Spa in 1998 and opened  Eliza's Eyes, the first salon in the world at the time dedicated solely to brow sculpting. She then went on to launch a full range of brow grooming and maintenance products, including the first ever brow kit for men and women.

Eliza's methods involve both tweezers and wax, resulting in a very clean looking, polished brow. She finishes off by filling in any sparse areas with pencil and sets eveyrthing with a gel from her own line. 

Brow grooming with Eliza is $138.

Brow grooming with an associate is $88. 

Web. http://www.elizaseyes.com
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Tel. 212-757-0702
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30 East 76th Street, New York, NY 10075, USA

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