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Licari Cutler Salon Jerry O'Connell's hair by Breno Miranda, Licari Cutler SalonHair by Greg Cassese, Licari Cutler SalonColor by Ryan Pearl, Licari Cutler SalonColor by Adrianna Vizzoni, Licari Cutler SalonCut by Melissa, Licari Cutler SalonColor by Whitney Scott, Licari Cutler SalonColor by Elizabeth Hiserodt, Licari Cutler SalonCut by Jason Vieira, Licari Cutler SalonHair by Ryan Suhr, Licari Cutler SalonHair by Heather Packer, Licari Cutler SalonJames Feng, Licari Cutler SalonCut by Emily Heser, color by Ryan Pearl, Cutler SalonColor by Ivan Vasilyevich, cut by Ryan Suhr, Licari Cutler SalonColor by Elisha Rivera, Licari Cutler SalonCut by Jocelyn Marrero, color by Elisha Rivera, Licari Cutler SalonHair by Jenny Balding, Licari Cutler SalonColor by Jeffrey Till, Licari Cutler Salon

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When two of the top salons in the city decide to merge, one has to wonder what took them so long.

Louis Licari (AKA "the King of Color") and Rodney Cutler have joined forces to create what is now simply a powerhouse of combined talent. (Cutler in Brooklyn and SoHo are still going strong.) Licari's top notch stylists, colorists and corrective color specialists - who are the talent behind "Ambush Makeover" on the Today Show -  are now sharing their luxurious digs with Cutler's brilliant stylists, who are a constant presence behind the scenes at Fashion Week and in the pages of Vogue.  Celebrity clients include Rachael Ray and Naomi Watts. (Instagram)

Cuts $90 to $200, single process $80 to $110, highlights $150 to $285, blowouts $65 to $85. 

Hair extensions and hair straightening by consultation.

Bikini wax is $55, Brazilian $80, full leg $60, underarm $35.

Manicure is $35, pedicure $75, gel manicure $60.

NAMES TO KNOW: Whitney Scott (colorist) 

Heather Packer (stylist) (Instagram) 

Jennifer Lawrence (stylist)

Adrianna Vizzoni (colorist) (Instagram)

Ivan Vasilyevich (colorist and educator) (Instagram)

Ryan Suhr (stylist) (Instagram

Leila Nations (stylist) (Instagram)

Ryan Pearl (colorist) (Instagram)

Elizabeth Hiserodt (colorist) (Instagram)

Jason Vieira (stylist) (Instagram)

Jenny Balding (stylist) (Instagram)

Melissa (stylist) (Instagram)

James Feng (educator/stylist) (Instagram)

Sara Christine Scholtus (colorist) (Instagram)

Greg Cassese (stylist) (Instagram)

Emily Heser (stylist) (Instagram)

Jocelyn Marrero (stylist/extensions specialist) (Instagram) 

Elisha Rivera (colorist) (Instagram)

Jeffrey Till (colorist) (Instagram)

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693 5th Ave, New York, NY 10022, USA

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