Sally Hershberger Tim Rogers

Sally Hershberger Tim Rogers Lady Gaga's color by Aura Friedman, Sally Hershberger Tim RogersCut by Edgar Parra, Sally Hershberger Tim RogersCut by Dante Pronio, Sally Hershberger Tim RogersColor by Lucille Javier, Sally Hershberger Tim RogersGigi Hadid's color by Keith Shore, Sally Hershberger Tim RogersColor by Kimberley Pierce, Sally Hershberger Tim RogersColor by Nathan Nutter, Sally Hershberger Tim RogersAlexa Chung's hair by James Vides, Sally Hershberger Tim RogersColor by Cassie Cohen, Sally Hershberger Tim RogersLana Del Rey's color by Will Francis, Sally Hershberger Tim Rogers

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​You’ve heard of more bang for your buck. At Sally Hershberger Downtown, it’s more buck for your bangs, with $800 haircuts and $3,000 hair extensions.

It’s no wonder she’s the first female hair stylist to reach celebrity status — she had a head start, working with the likes of Herb Ritts and Annie Leibovitz by her early 20s.

Though she's known for trimming the locks of Julia and Meg, the highlight of her career was styling Hillary for the cover of Vogue. For now, she’s globetrotting to style all that glitters but if you can’t catch her at the salon, a gaggle of super-star stylists are at the ready to cut, color, provide a keratin or VIP treatment in the sunny, spacious, gray-painted loft. You will be welcomed by an exceptionally friendly and charming staff from start to finish.

Every celeb stylist is deserving of a signature product line. Here, Sally is no exception. Hers promises to lift and boost hair to new heights, catch waves, or hyper-hydrate. 

Book well in advance if you’ve got some cash to spare and want “The Queen of Shag.” Otherwise, pay less for her patented styles and signature shags with one of her well-trained underlings. You’ll look like a movie star, or at least spend money like one.

NAMES TO KNOW:  Aura Friedman (colorist) Clients include Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lawrence, Santigold, M.I.A., Caroline Polacheck and Carolyn Murphy.

Dante Pronio (stylist) (Instagram)

Michael Casey (colorist) Clients include Gwyneth Paltrow and Penelope Cruz.

Ruben Colon (colorist) Clients include Sarah Jessica Parker.

Keith Shore (colorist) (Instagram) Clients include Gigi Hadid.

Kimberly Pierce (colorist) (Instagram)

Edgar Parra (stylist) (Instagram)

Nathan Nutter (colorist) (Instagram)

Jae Manuel Cardenas (stylist) (Instagram) Clients include Britt Maren, Nadine Leopold.

Lucile Javier (colorist) (Instagram)

Will Francis (colorist) (Instagram) Clients include Lana Del Rey.

Cassie Cohen (colorist) (Instagram) 

Robyn Cosio (brow grooming, makeup) Clients include Nicole Kidman and Kate Bosworth.

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