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Firm & Tone Skin With This Botanical Anti-Cellulite Massage Oil

On 07.05.2018 in Featured, Skincare

By Mary Hood

Firm & Tone Skin With This Botanical Anti-Cellulite Massage Oil

Cellulite is a result of the way fat is deposited along connective tissue. Although increased body fat increases the likelihood of cellulite, most women, of all sizes and shapes, experience some amount of cellulite. Decreasing body fat, increasing circulation, receiving cryolipolysis (fat cell freezing) or laser treatment, and practicing deep-tissue massage (a.k.a. body sculpting) are the primary ways to target cellulite.

While cellulite is literally more than skin-deep, a topical treatment can help diminish its appearance and improve the overall condition of skin. For an affordable, completely natural option, try Brooklyn Botany Anti-Cellulite Massage Oil.

With a mission to “help those in urban environments find nature by making scientifically better, mother-nature approved products,” Brooklyn Botany formulates plant-based facial and body care products with unadulterated, naturally active ingredients. Brooklyn Botany’s Anti-Cellulite Massage Oil is more than just a luxurious treat for your skin. 

The base of the oil is grapeseed oil. Its subtle astringent qualities help regenerate and tighten skin while its healthy fats provide deeply penetrating moisture thanks to the oil’s absorbability (which helps the essential oils penetrate more deeply, too). 

Next are a trio of essential oils: Eucalyptus oil targets fat deposits that lie just under the skin (subcutaneous fat) while providing a cooling, refreshing fragrance. Lemon oil is stimulating, aiding microcirculation to strengthen vascular tissues (and also treating varicose veins as an added bonus). Finally, grapefruit oil serves as a diuretic, helping skin look more taut and toned.

The ritual: After a shower or bath, massage Brooklyn Botany Anti-Cellulite Massage Oil into legs and anywhere else you’d like to tighten skin. Spend five minutes fully massaging the area, first in small circles and then in large, upward-sweeping motions—a technique that improves circulation while naturally energizing the entire body.

For enhanced results, couple this home treatment with deep-tissue foam-rolling. 


Photo: Mary Hood

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