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Take Your Lashes To Great Lengths With These Natural Lash Serums

On 02.03.2018 in Featured, Lashes/Brows

By Mary Hood

Take Your Lashes To Great Lengths With These Natural Lash Serums

Long, lush lashes immediately elevate any look because they beautifully define the eyes—and well-defined eyes tend to be associated with youth and beauty. Not all of us wake up with to-die-for lashes, however. When mascara alone fails to take your lashes to great lengths, you have a few options—lash extensions, false lashes, and lash serums. 

Lash serums, in particular, are growing in popularity thanks to new formulas that improve the appearance of lashes without the risks of Latisse (a prescription eyelash growth serum that may discolor the iris). Eyelash serums with natural ingredients aim to condition and strengthen the lash, leading to less breakage and healthier looking lashes.  

The following are three naturally formulated, non-prescription lash serums designed to optimize growth and help your lashes look their best: 

LashFood Phyto-Medic Eyelash Enhancer

Created to help strengthen weak eyelashes, this plant-based lash serum features vegan and organic ingredients, including lavender water (treats hair loss), arginine (an amino acid used to regrow lashes), and soy protein (helps add strength and shine). According to the company, 85% of users will experience visible lash grown within 16 weeks of use.  

Vegamour VegaLash Volumizing Serum 

This clinically tested formula helps lashes grow thicker and stronger thanks to red clover, which stimulates lash follicles and mung bean, which strengthens the connection to the hair follicle. The formula is also enhanced with zinc and biotin and is gentle on sensitive eyes.

RevitaLash Advanced

Developed by an ophthalmologist, this lash conditioner is designed to help reduce breakage using peptides, green tea, biotin, and panthenol. It’s an ideal choice if you have sensitive skin. Users note that their lashes are less likely to fall out or break. Plus, it’s a favorite of Meghan Markle— “I swear they are as long as they could ever be,” the royal bride-to-be said of her lashes.  


Photo: Violet Grey

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