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Combat Pollution and Sun With This Broad Spectrum Sunscreen

On 14.05.2018 in Featured, Skincare

By Mary Hood

Worried About Pollution’s Effect On Skin? Protect Yourself With This Murad Sunscreen

Pollution’s effect on skin has been a trending topic for the past few years. Just when it feels like we’ve figured out how to expertly include sunscreen in our beauty regimen, we now have to address other forms of environmental damage, including the obvious sources of pollution—like city smog—and more unexpected sources—mainly, the blue light emitted from our devices. 

How air pollution effects skin:

Air pollution is hard on skin. In 2010, researchers found that city-dwelling women experience a 22 percent increase in hyperpigmentation and wrinkles than women who lived in less urban areas. One explanation is that pollution triggers inflammation, weakening skin’s defense against known damaging elements, including UV rays.  

What about blue light? 

Any device with a bright screen emits blue light (also known as HEV). Although research  on blue light and skin aging is emerging, evidence suggests that blue light may increase hyperpiguentaion and inflammation while reducing the efficacy of skin’s protective barrier. (As of yet, there is no connection between blue light and cancer.) 

What to do:

Reduce screen time as much as is practical (also try using warmer color settings on your devices).  Also, consider arming yourself with an antioxidant serum to help combat inflammation. 

Invest in Murad City Skin Age Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 50 PA++++. This 100% mineral sunscreen is formulated with Environmental Protection Technology that’s designed to help shield your skin from UV damage, air pollution, and blue light. 

Having sampled several mineral sunscreens over the years, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Murad’s formula leaves no white cast (thanks to the subtle peach tint) and blends seamlessly into skin. The finish is ideal, too—it’s neither drying or too oily but a perfect, smooth satin. The sunscreen includes vitamin C to help brighten skin and correct hyperpigmentation. 

The ritual: For best results, apply a nickel-sized amount to face and neck after moisturizing. May be worn alone or under makeup. 

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