Eyelure Boutique

Eyelure Boutique


This cozy Soho boutique with super soft beds (because you WILL fall asleep) offers an abundance of options for plumping up your lashes as well as tending to your brows, makeup services, and removing pesky facial hair. 

Natural Lash is $120/50 lashes, Lure Lash $150/70 lashes, Adorablash $180/90 lashes, and a few other levels which lead up to the Bridalash 150/$300.

Brow grooming: initial visit is $55, follow-up visits $35, tweeze-only $20+. Lash tint is $55. 

Manicure is $55 and includes includes Keratin gloves, nail hardener base & quick dry top coat with gentle cuticle care.

Bikini wax is $30, brazilian $55+, 

Makeup services range from touch-ups at $40 to evening and clubbing makeup $100 and $150 respectively. 

Bridal is $350. (The clubbing makeup apparently helps you GET to the bridal makeup.)

Web. http://www.eyeluresoho.com
Email. eyeluresoho@hotmail.com
Tel. 212-226-2223
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580 Broadway, New York, NY 10012, USA

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Lash Extensions, Brow Grooming, Makeup Application, Manicure, Waxing, Bridal Services

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