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If there’s a sweet spot in nail salon concepts, sundays studio has hit it. Inspiration for the design style of the sundays space is Hygge, the Danish word for “a warm atmosphere built on harmony, comfort, and good people.” Founder and CEO Amy Ling Lin is dedicated to giving back to the community, and to the health of her employees and customers. 

Lin developed a line of non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free hand-prepped and disposable lotions, cuticle oils, 10-free long-lasting polishes and 7-free gels in 40+ colors. In short, your weekly manicure just became a feel-good deed for you and everyone involved. 

Have a seat in the spare and peaceful Nordic-inspired space, hand over your nails and close your eyes. Via a headset and a spritz of lavender, jasmine or citrus spray to further erase tension, a soothing guided meditation transports you to wellness while the technician gently whips your nails into non-toxic perfection. 

If you feel like hanging out for a bit, sip a beverage, relax, and catch up on your reading in the upstairs lounge overlooking the main floor. You can also take meditation classes, enjoy pop-up art exhibits, group chats with wellness experts or DIY crafts. Both the NoMad and Fifth Avenue studios are available for corporate events, showers, and other occasions. 

Signature Hand Treatment ($25/25 mins) Detoxing fresh lemon soak + shape + buff + cuticle repair + organic homemade cream massage + perfect nail polish manicure. 

Signature Foot Treatment ($45/35 mins) Natural mineral sea salt soak + shape + buff + cuticle repair + organic homemade cream massage + perfect nail polish pedicure.

Rose Extract Anti-Aging Hand Treatment ($45/45 mins) Coconut milk infused with rose petals + exfoliate with handmade orange peel scrub + organic rose essential oil + aromatherapy massage + rose water mist + perfect nail polish manicure. 

Signature 3-in-1Treatment ($25/25 mins) includes nail care, essential oil massage, and guided meditation.

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51 E 25th St, New York, NY 10010, USA

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